About us

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Please allow us to present ourselves as one of the among first private companies established in Bulgaria after democratic changes in 1990. BULKAM SEA TRADING Ltd. is established and fully owned in 1990 in accordance with Bulgarian Law by Capt. Lubomir Mandjoukov, Marine Master with 35 years of experience in the shipping. For last 15 years BULKAM SEA TRADING Ltd has increased its activity up to large number of services daily provided to our customers from all over the world, viz.:

-Brokerage and Chartering of vessels operating with no distance limit.

-Ship’s Management.

- Port & Liner Agency, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

- Inland Forwarding and Clearance Agency.

- Warehouse and Custom documentation.

-Consulting in foreign and local Trade.

Since its foundation BULKAM SEA TRADING Ltd has handled more than 27,000,000 tons of minerals and other bulk commodities as well as more than 15,000,000 tons of various dry cargoes-all of them transported in all kind of vessels ( bulk carriers, tankers, cargo ships, ro-ro vessels etc.), ranging from 1000 to 106,000 tons DWT.

 We offer flexible approach toward each client's need, adapting our way of working to client's very precise requirements. Our services guarantee immediate and accurate estimation of tolls and disbursements to unable our clients estimate their voyages confidently and without fear of unforeseen costs. We provide tight operational attention to our client's vessels 24 hours a day, even during local or national holidays.

 Since 1990 Bulkam Sea Trading Ltd. has come a long way in terms of improving company's service. Founded at first as a shipping agency with two employees, the company activities gradually developed and the number of employees significantly increased. Their qualification and education also.

The years of successful cooperation with major shipowners and cargo owners provoked the logical expansion of BULKAM SEA TRADING Ltd into brokerage and chartering activities. Since 1995 brokerage and chartering have become major fields of concentration of the company with  priority in chartering oil products, special IMO cargoes, metal products and fertilizers. As charterers and brokers our mission is to prevent financial losses resulting from incorrect assessments, delays, unforeseen typical local problems etc.

During the years BULKAM SEA TRADING Ltd sufficiently expanded its contacts with major companies with trade and marine activities at Black Sea, Mediterranean and all over the world, systematically building up a highly effective network of connections. The good local and international contacts and experience provide the company with the intelligence to respond with competence and vision to the needs of the most significant for this country economy import-export business.

To deal with unexpected events skillfully navigating through local peculiarities and regulations is a challenge, which we handle with integrity and expertise.

Professionals, excellence of service, efficiency, competence and reliability: That is what you need- your cargo and vessel to be handled properly and that is what BULKAM SEA TRADING Ltd. offers.